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Where do we go now?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Excerpts from an article published here.

Domestic aviation markets have been the first to rebound, but the early interest for international travel has been encouraging. Searches will change into conversions as the aviation ecosystem begins to operate with more certainty and uniformity. Sooner or later we'll all adapt, as we always have.

Neeraj Goswami, associate director of air business at Cleartrip, noted that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding international travel at the moment with respect to entry norms, medical facilities at destinations, and the possibility of lockdowns.
"It is understandable that travellers would have reservations around vacationing overseas. But, on the bright side, local and domestic travel has blossomed; we've seen it in Saudi Arabia where domestic travel has taken off, and in the UAE where staycations are selling like hot cakes. Tourism departments are doing a great job in creating visibility around local attractions. We see a good chunk of travellers opting to alter their plans rather than to shelve them for later," he said.
He predicted that over the next few months, airport procedures and entry norms will become more uniform. Incremental changes in lifestyle and an increase in air traffic will reinforce people's comfort with the safety of the aviation ecosystem, and they'll start planning international trips again, he explained.
"We expect to see some changes in choice of destinations as travellers might avoid traditional hotspots in favour of more offbeat locations. But we expect international travel to be well on it's way to recovery by the end of this quarter," he said.

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